Smartlinx 3 connects to Revera's new datacentre

Smartlinx 3's fibre link a shared build with FX Networks

Smartlinx 3 has built a fibre link into Revera’s new Trentham datacentre, providing more diversity for customers. The link, which terminates in the datacentre, goes live this week, says Smartlinx 3 managing director Roger MacDonald.

There was a shared build with FX Networks for part of the two kilometre link.

TelstraClear and Telecom are already connected to the datacentre.

“Regional telcos are now connecting. It’s a major regional asset,” says MacDonald.

The link will provide greater network diversity for government agencies using the Revera datacentre, which provides infrastructure as a service.

Revera general manager Robin Cockayne says that while datacentres must offer network diversity, the onus is on network providers to connect to datacentres, so they’re on the spot when big clients make network decisions.

“We don’t push any one supplier or want to limit client choices or be excluded from new technology and speed improvements,” Cockayne says.

Within the next 12 months Revera will activate a 40 GB network linking its Homeland datacentres.

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