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Ernie sails off into the sunset

So Ernie Newman has resigned as CEO from TUANZ after almost 12 years defending the user position. The telcos - they liked him, and they loathed him, but they could never ignore him.

What will he do now?What will TUANZ do now? As they say in telco world - Stand by, caller.

Ernie Newman resigns

Yes it's true - I'm leaving

HP’s key PR messages following the departure of CEO Mark Hurd

  • Mark Hurd approved some expense claims relating to the employment of an actress whose movies are so bad not even her mother would have bothered to see them.
  • We don’t actually know if Mark Hurd had a ‘personal relationship’ with the actress, but we’re terrified he might have and all that technology we make could have been used to capture something on video which could be posted online and then the newspaper headlines would be really, really awful.
  • We’ve paid Mark Hurd a heap of money and we hope that this will prevent him from suing us for dragging his name through the mud in practically every news publication in the world.
  • We know that Mark Hurd has powerful friends. We’re saddened that some of them are emailing their displeasure over his departure to the New York Times.
  • Our brand is strong.

Analysis: Did HP board have hidden agenda in removing Hurd

Hurd’s exit due to expense-fiddling, not sexual harrassment: HP

Hewlett Took a P.R. Firm’s Advice in the Hurd Case

Rest in Peace Sir Ron

The death of prominent businessman Sir Ron Trotter this week evoked that strange time in the late 1980s when the Labour Government sold off the family silver. Telecom was of course born in that era, and Trotter did a stint as Chairman at the telco.

His successor Rod Deane provided the most fascinating insight into that time in the obituary in the New Zealand Herald. He was referring to the sale of the electricity corporation.

“He rang me at half past 10 and he said to me, ‘The Treasury will be all in bed, you’re going to come down and pick me up and we’re going to go down to Parliament, we’re going to find Sir Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, and we’re going to do the deal.”

Legacy of ‘giant among giants’

Contribution from an anonymous Scandinavian to the Fry Up this week

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