Talent2 admits fault over Novopay

Talent2 CEO John Rawlinson says school administrators have had difficulty adapting to new system

Talent2 CEO John Rawlinson says both his company and the Ministry of Education were at fault for misjudging the readiness of school administrators to use the new Novopay teachers pay system.

“We tested the live data for every pay period and compared it to the Datacom output (Datacom ran the previous pay system) but we couldn’t test the readiness of the sector to adapt to a new way of doing things,” he says.

He says some school administrators were part-timers and some found it quite hard to learn the new system despite training.

Rawlinson was talking to the media yesterday after a clause in the contract preventing Talent2 from commenting on the troubled project was removed.

He says the technical issues were few and far between. “The big engine works well, though we’ve still got some development to do.”

The software is built on the latest version of Oracle, he says.

“We were trying to automate a lot of stuff. There were a lot of awards that had to be entered manually and needed some work arounds. But largely the software was working well.

“Most of the errors were caused by humans. There were minor interface issues with third parties, and interface issues with some schools. That caused a big backlog.

“The biggest issue is dealing with that backlog and getting transactions into the system.

“The good news is that once we’ve cleared the backlog, we’re going to make a step change in the accuracy.”

“There were a lot of challenges around the data, and a lot of work done on data cleansing.”

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