FRY UP: Tales of Tech.Ed

Separated at birth?

Tech.Ed 2010 in Tweets


theinsaneone: The insane number of presenters using MacBook Pros is very fulfilling. #tenz

farhansattar: Can someone turn the heating on in NZ Rm 2 #tenz

NZCoderGuy: Stil no sign of redbull :-( #tenz

nathanm: @NZCoderGuy redbull girls here in the lunchtimes and also back on Wednesday morning #tenz

clinnell: People who don't walk on escalators are lazy #tenz

smrtgirl: One awesome thing about #tenz - no queue for the ladies room! :)

animalnz: the 80's called....they want their shit music back #tenz

animalnz: oh snap it's this the best warehouse music cd you could get?? #tenz

slugster_123: using an iPad at TechEd is like batting for the other team. #tenz #nugget

Maz1968: Om nom nom sugary afternoon tea at TechEd 2010 #tenz

seeby: Is at #tenz and is amazed that I could build windows ph7 apps without any programming knowledge

animalnz: some dude was falling asleep next to me in the sky city theater...better not start drooling #tenz

slugster_123: silverlight can embed flash - take that all you flash nazis! Can u feel the BURN??!!! #tenz #nugget

animalnz: How come Aussie got the hot meter maids and we get dudes with massive gut's?? #tenz


dufos: Right. Ready for another of drinking from the firehose of geekly knowledge at TechEdNZ #tenz

djmc: So many presenters using MacBooks with Windows 7 here #tenz

snwman: #tenz if your phone has an annoying ringtone you should learn to shut it the hell up when in session.

venzann: Upgrading applications on my laptop 4 hours before my #tenz session. What could possibly go wrong?

WebAsh: Us #tenz attendees aren't like that! RT @jeremybank: lmao RT @davidfarrier: not wearing deodorant today. attending tech ed.

jeffa36: Having brekkie with @rockyh at Denny's in Auckland...isn't this somewhere you end up?...#tenz

NZCoderGuy: Interest there are a few #xero guys sitting in the talk from the #myob guys. #tenz :)

nzben: Turns out @davidfarrier is far too skinny and hip to blend in at Tech.Ed #tenz

jourdant: Don't leave "Microsoft Confidential" on your slides. #tenz #nugget

Dave_Fellows: $37 for cooked breakfast at hotel this morning - ouch. Fortunately for MS I went for the "cheaper" $27 bowl of cereal - bargain :) #tenz

markw_nz: Thinking about ditching lunch at #tenz and grabbing Wendys - the lunch queues are ridiculous

djmc: Interesting there is a shift of developers being designers and designers being developers. Designopers as one session said #tenz

venzann: number song from The Electric Company playing at #tenz

farhansattar: Still no sign of the "red bull girls" at #tenz #autechheads

thiago_bagua: I guess free energy drinks was too much for this year's budget? #tenz

griffinator: Crown Plaza seats just as uncomfortable as last year #tenz #numb

jacquesjbotha: Watching people fall asleep in presentations is always funny. #tenz

BrianFoose: Running windows phone 7 on the iPhone 4. It's not bad... #tenz

phernacki: OH "Inception taught us that if you run a VM inside a VM inside a VM inside a VM, things get really slow." #tenz


benkepes: Best way to wake up after a big #tenz party? A 14km run along the #Auckland waterfront. #nice #virtuous

scottbartley: Sausage rolls for morning tea at the Tech Ed sausage fest. Synergies. #tenz

nzben: O/H In #tenz speaker room: "I was talking to the hotel cleaner, and she mentioned your room"

tathamoddie: Oh dear. Nudity in the #tenz speaker room.

jamanda: #tenz very crowded in marketplace. Should've worn platforms.

benkepes: Not entirely comfortable that the "future of web apps" panel has been hijacked by a .net rocks event.... #misleading #tenz

hilsdb: Hmmmm....according to Twitter everything is going on in the #tenz Speaker come it's surprise to all of us IN the Speaker Room?

jamanda: #tenz - this shld be gd. @cauld & cklug coding sesh. Bring on the geekfest.

jamanda: #tenz #nugget - @cauld "maybe I've missed my breakpoint." @cklug "That's what SHE said." Ouch! LOL

nzregs: OMG #Dynamics #CRM 2011 does <censored> and <censored> and has a new <censored> <censored>!!! can't wait! #tenz #msdyncrm

lanceanz: Home sweet home after a great #tenz 2010. Thanks everyone who made it such a good one.

Are you prickles or goo?

During his keynote speech at Tech.Ed August de los Reyes showed this video in which South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Stone animate philosopher Alan Watts’ interpretation of two personality types. De los Reyes was explaining that designers are becoming more like developers and developers more like designers.

Hands on with Windows Phone 7 at Tech.Ed 2010

Microsoft open to talks with SKY TV re content alliance

Seven critical success factors for BI projects

Awaiting my gender update pack from Microsoft

Microsoft claimed there were 250 women attending Tech.Ed this year. According to my pass I was not one of them. A software patch is on the way.


The uncanny likeness between the head of the New Zealand Computer Society and the head of Microsoft NZ.

Celebrity life cycle

Film a double rainbow, post on YouTube, get over 13 million hits.

Fake you appears on Twitter.

Sell out to Microsoft.

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