Telecom mulling MED paper on structural separation

We're digesting the discussion document, Telecom says

Telecom is reviewing a discussion document released by the Ministry of Economic Development today that discusses regulatory changes that may be needed if Telecom structurally separates. In an announcment to the NZX, Telecom spokesman Ian Bonnar notes: "Telecom indicated a willingness to structurally separate as part of its August 2 proposal on the government’s Ultra-fast Broadband initiative.

The proposal is a package of structural separation, co-investing with the Crown to achieve the 75% UFB coverage objective by 2019, integration of the RBI to extend the reach of fibre into rural areas and regulatory and legislative change." In the Telecom statement, CEO Paul Reynolds is quoted as saying: "There remains a long way to go in the UFB tender process and finding a solution for UFB that achieves the government’s objectives while also being sustainable and economic is challenging. It will also be complex and challenging to arrive at a solution that will receive the necessary support of Telecom shareholders." The MED document can be found here.

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