Ricoh switches from Vodafone to Gen-i

Company deploys over 150 iPads to tech and sales staff

Ricoh has consolidated its telecommunications systems, moving its Vodafone connections to Gen-i.

At the same time, it has extended its relationship with Gen-i by renewing its voice, internet and mobile data services for another two years and has selected Gen-i for the provision of datacentre hosting services.

Ricoh national IT manager Paul Thomas says the company wanted to reduce its number of suppliers, and chose Gen-i based on past performance.

“There’s less infrastructure, more flexibility and better support,” he says.

“We also conducted significant testing of the speed and reliability of the Telecom Smartphone Network against Vodafone across the country and found there was no comparison. Our people travel across the country and they need to stay connected. The Telecom network has always delivered.”

Ricoh recently deployed 100 iPads to technicians in the field, and is now rolling out 50 more iPads to sales people.

Thomas says mobility is about empowering staff to be more responsive, provide better solutions and improve the overall customer experience in a commoditised market.

Gen-i is also supporting Ricoh in testing a solution to manage customer equipment remotely. Ricoh is connecting directly to photocopiers located on customer premises via the Telecom Smartphone Network, leveraging Gen-i’s private APN offering.

“When fully implemented, this will improve our ability to proactively manage our customers’ equipment,” Thomas says. The private APN enables Ricoh to connect to a photocopier that is not connected to a customer’s network and to monitor it or deploy firmware updates.

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