Copyright Tribunal imposes first fine

Unidentified file downloader fined $616

The music industry has won its first case under the controversial Skynet anti-piracy regime.

The Recording Industry Association (Rianz), which represents big record labels, says an offender has been fined $616 in the landmark music piracy case.

In a statement released today, Rianz said the Copyright Tribunal found in favour of their claim against the unidentified offender.

Internet users who receive 'three strikes' warnings for pirating music through a file- sharing services can face a fine of up to $15,000 under new Skynet rules.

A spokesman for Rianz said illegal file sharing has done enormous damage to the creative industries.

"However, we take no satisfaction from having to file with the Copyright Tribunal in the first place.

"It is disappointing some account holders do not take meaningful action when first advised their connection was being used to flout the law."

The case has been touted as an important test case in fighting music piracy.

Rianz has issued thousands of warning notices since the Copyright Act was amended in 2011 to provide justice for Internet pirates.

There are 11 alleged music piracy cases still before the Copyright Tribunal.

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