Mi5 security first in NZ to adopt Vodafone's Global SIM

Local firm will be able to connect all its security devices in North America and Europe with a single SIM card in each device

Security and surveillance firm Mi5 Security has adopted new Vodafone technology that allows it to connect all its security devices in North America and Europe with a single SIM card in each device.

It is the first New Zealand company to do so.

Mi5 Security sells surveillance devices, which all communicate back to a central database in New Zealand for data collation and analysis.

The new technology is called Global SIM. Previously, Mi5 Security needed to buy local SIM cards in each export market and negotiate roaming rates with telecommunications companies in each country to deliver the required connectivity. Now, Mi5 Security has pre-agreed pricing around the world, and devices are shipped from New Zealand with the Global SIM card installed, saving time and money.

Vodafone will provide Mi5 Security with 25,000 Global SIM connections during a three-year period. This agreement means that Mi5 Security can sell its products anywhere in the world with specifically enabled M2M (machine to machine) SIM cards managed through the purpose-built Vodafone global M2M platform.

Machine to Machine, commonly known as M2M or telemetry, is the remote interchange of data between two or more devices, or a central station, supporting specific business processes or products. M2M solutions are deployed in many sectors, including automotive/transportation, energy/utility, security/surveillance, public safety, financial services, retail, healthcare, industrial and warehousing/distribution.

M2M communication has expanded beyond a one-to-one connection and changed into a system of networks that transmits data to and from personal appliances.

The expansion of IP networks across the world has made it far easier for M2M communication to take place and has lessened the amount of power and time necessary for information to be communicated between machines.

These networks also allow an array of new business opportunities and connections between consumers and producers in terms of the products being sold.

Scott Wattie, group chief operating officer at Mi5 Security says the technology has changed the way the company operates.

“We ran extensive technical trials to make sure Global SIM was right for us, and the benefits we saw were truly impressive,” he says. “Our speed to market has increased dramatically – we can now deploy surveillance tools almost instantly, whereas without this technology it could take up to two months to get the first camera operational in market.

“In addition, we are now able to control sales and customer service, which was previously the domain of the local third-party telecommunications companies.”

He says Global SIM has taken the hassle out of selling to international customers. “Regional negotiation with telecommunication providers was always a hand-brake for us. Now our products can be shipped directly without the need for re-packaging or alterations.”

Scott says Global SIM breaks down traditional business barriers and provides the opportunity to assist any New Zealand company which wishes to operate on a global scale.

Tony Bacon, head of M2M and innovation at Vodafone New Zealand says Global SIM is a prime example of how technology can make a tangible difference to business operations in New Zealand.

“Vodafone has the largest mobile telecommunications network in the world, and Global SIM allows Kiwi businesses to take advantage of this network. This technology removes some of the challenges organisations have when operating in international markets and allows them to take full control of operations – levelling the playing field for New Zealand business and providing a strong competitive advantage.

“For Vodafone, M2M is a key strategic growth area with significant investment and commitment. It is our vision to enable the M2M market by reducing complexity and simplifying its use.”

Under the contract between Vodafone and Mi5 Security, Vodafone will provide services in markets where Mi5 is expanding, including Australia, North America, the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

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