Vodafone acknowledges fault with 3G network

Customers affected nationwide

Vodafone says its technology team is working round the clock to fix an issue with its 3G network that was first raised by a Geekzone blogger last month.

A notice posted on the Vodafone forum this morning says customers may experience missed calls, delayed texts, be unable to make calls and be unable to set up 3G data sessions until their phone is powered on and off. "The issue has been traced to the 3G cell site network, and the way it communicates with 3G mobiles during and after active data sessions,'' reads the notice.

Spokesperson Matt East says the issue appears to be intermittent and is affecting people on the 3G network nationwide. “Not sure of customer numbers affected (due to intermittent nature).”

“At this stage we have our technology team working on this round the clock, they are investigating the issue but as yet... we don’t have a timeline for resolution,” says East.

"A reboot of the phone seems to fix the problem so we are recommending customers do that if they experience issues."

The issue was first raised on a Geekzone blog by Steve Biddle, which he posted on 29 October, he wrote: “There appears to be a major fault that's been affecting the Vodafone network for a number of weeks now and I'm interested in feedback from others who may be experiencing the same issue.”

“Yes, it’s related to that one,” East told Computerworld after being sent the web link to Biddle's blog post. “And late October seems to be about the time we noticed things weren’t quite right.

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