FRY UP: Strange bedfellows

Shameless promotion

Strange bedfellows

An old, dear – and slightly wicked - friend once said to me “It is one thing to make a mistake, quite another to roll into him the next day.”

Fry Up was reminded of these wise words at today’s press conference in which Vodafone’s and Telecom’s banners stood side by side as their respective heads (actually Vodafone CEO Russell Stanners and Telecom executive Mark Ratcliffe, don’t know why Paul Reynolds wasn’t available) announced they would put in a joint bid for the Rural Broadband Initiative.

If successful, the XT Network and the Vodafone network will share space on cellphone towers in the rural areas. It didn’t seem that long ago the rival telcos were facing off in court over so-called interference issues, and now they are joining hands to roll out a mobile network together.

Talk about a fatal attraction.

Telecom and Vodafone together in rural broadband initiative

Rural broadband goes down to the wire


Dr Murray Milner is a respected expert on the telecommunications scene. He has consulted to both Labour and National governments. He sits on the Crown Fibre Holding Board. He heads up the IPv6 Taskforce. And he recently did some consulting work for Huawei.

Nothing wrong with any of that. Or is there?

Crown Fibre Holdings chair defends board member Milner

Labour alleges conflict of interest in Crown Fibre Holdings

Mention of alliances - an opportunity for shameless promotion

Dr Milner isn’t the only one taking money from equipment suppliers.

Fry Up too has formed an alliance with a technology supplier. In our case Alcatel Lucent. We’re holding our first breakfast debate in association Alcatel Lucent. It is about the Ultra Fast Broadband initiative and the networking event is a breakfast followed by a debate.

The moot is: UFB will render telcos irrelevant to end users.

Speakers are Scott Bartlett (Orcon), Rosalie Nelson (IDC), Brett O’Riley (NZICT), Gabrielle Gaultey (Alcatel Lucent), Vikram Kumar (InternetNZ), Lance Wiggs (Pacific Fibre), Hayden Glass (Vodafone). Some speakers are appearing in Auckland, some are appearing in Wellington, some are arguing the negative, some are arguing the affirmative.

You can find out who is arguing what, where here

YouTube creates another star

Not everyone on FryUp got this video, but ‘Bed Intruder Song” went viral...

... and a star was born.

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