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Phantom fifth

Identity crisis

Another week, another opportunity to congratulate SilverStripe.

This week open source content management system vendor SilverStripe achieved Certification for Windows Server 2008 R2, for version 2.4.0 of its SilverStripe CMS product.

Last week SilverStripe won the Open Source Project Award for its New Zealand-made CMS at the NZ Open Source Awards 2010 held in Wellington.

According to Microsoft (and we bring you this quote directly from the press release): “This is a world first, as the software is the only truly open source web application to achieve certification on the Windows platform.”

But Microsoft and OS – aren’t these two engaged in a fierce battle for the hearts and minds of the user community? A deep chasm running between the two camps that is impossible to cross. Torn apart by fundamental philosophical – almost spiritual – differences that are as hard to reconcile as the beliefs held by an atheist and a churchgoer.

Actually it all sounds terribly grown up. Well done SilverStripe.

SilverStripe gains Windows Server certification

Open Source Awards celebrate acceptance in mainstream IT

Phantom fifth

The Maori consortium that has partnered with Opto Networks, Torotoro Waea Partnership, is the fourth bidder to declare itself in the Government’s $300 million Rural Broadband Initiative.There is though, one bidder yet to disclose.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, here is a quick recap on who currently is holding hands with whom on this one:

Telecom and Vodafone (or is that Vodafone and Telecom?)

Kordia, Woosh and FX Networks

Torotoro Waea Partnership

New Zealand Regional Fibre Group


So who is the fifth respondent? If it is you then please get in touch with Computerworld. Promise only to tell the readers.

Maori RBI bid sees link between spectrum and broadband

All welcome

One line reminder about the Fry Up breakfast debate.

Confused adolescence

News this week that the Beatles catalogue is now available on iTunes was bittersweet for FryUp. The band first entered FryUp's consciousness when John Lennon was assassinated. In those pre-Google days we children were forced to ask a responsible adult which one of the Fab Four he was. We were informed he was the drummer.

The Beatles arrive on iTunes

“Very Cool”

Our resident social media socialite (he's the one who picks out the YouTube video(s) every week for your viewing pleasure) says that Peter Sunde, cofounder of The Pirate Bay, the largest file sharing system in the world, will be speaking at the Webstock event next year in Wellington.

For the next black tie why not wear a Fuxedo?

Hat tip to Mark Revington

Jandal art

Fat monkey made of flip flops

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