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Computerworld’s first ITEX conference and event on Tuesday in tweets

Computerworldnz: Multiple stage presentations have begun - speakers, sponsors, coffee, it's like IT speed dating #itexnz

Computerworldnz: Good news, everyone! RT @markdbennett: there is red bull at the Gen-i stand at #itexnz

Computerworldnz: If you let your employees YouTube they will be happy - obviously more bandwidth in Googleland then new Zealand #itexnz

waylonkenning: #itexnz can't we use our own body fat as energy? Just saying we're already an energy storage device...

Geni_ICT: Tweeting is still working; people are still doing their jobs - Andy Shield, Beca #itexnz >>Hear, hear! ^LvW

Computerworldnz: Things that cause Trade Me's traffic to dip: the 6pm news, Outrageous fortune final, NZ athletes in Olympic events, sunshine #itexnz

craigthrussell: Stealing stuff from #auldhouse stand RT @L_To: There are some very strange giveaways at #itexnz

Computerworldnz: IT departments should be less concerned with trying to block things and more concerned with enabling staff. Andy Shields, Beca #Itexnz

Geni_ICT: Kirsten School's Jason McDonald's vision for the future of computing in schools include walls of HD displays in classrooms #itexnz

urbankiwinz: Freaking awesome roundtable at #itexnz to end the day.. Lots of disagreement hehehe.

chrisjquin: Then get huge news that Ingrid Cronin-knight of @Geni_ict has won IT manager of the year feel like proud dad and raving fan all in one!

peteinakl: A little fried after #ITEXNZ today, but think I got my message across: it's not about technology, it's about enabling people.

urbankiwinz: So with all the talk about cloud, virtual and mobile workforce can one expect next years #itexnz to be held virtually on the net?

ITEX Awards announced

Cloud, the new internet and tension between IT and users

What is that low, constant, irritating noise?

The sound of Telecom CEO Paul Reynolds whining about regulation.

Telecom sees life either way with UFB

Did they move up or down?

Big week for the New Zealand Computer Society.

On Monday it was in front of the High Court arguing for charitable status. The judge’s decision was reserved. If it loses, the Society is put in a disadvantageous tax position, so there’s a quite a bit at stake financially.

On Wednesday NZCS CEO Paul Matthews tweeted they’d moved offices. nzcspaul: Surprised email from Office Manager "Everything works!!" (technology, following move). What did she expect? We are the Computer Society! :-D So did they move to better or worse accomodation given the axe hanging over the P & L? Perhaps Matthews, who is ‘highly engaged’ in social media will provide further info via twitter. Or we could just give him a call and invite ourselves over for coffee and check out the new digs. Hmmmm, wonder if a coffee machine is included in the technology inventory. Fry Up doesn’t do instant.

Then again, we aren’t members. It’s not a Groucho thing - it’s just we don’t join a lot of clubs. Even when the fee is as cheap as chips like at InternetNZ. According to board member Lance Wiggs, who commented on the Computerworld story about the NZCS court case, it only costs $21 to join InternetNZ.

I bet InternetNZ offices have a coffee machine. And a sea view. And Veuve Clicquot on tap. And leather sofas with projectors hidden in the armrests, which pop up and display 3D films against the white marbled walls. Those guys are loaded.

Computer Society appeals Charities Commission ruling; decision reserved

We can ask them about it next week

Both Lance Wiggs and Internet NZ boss Vikram Kumar are fronting up at Fry Up’s first debate in Wellington next Tuesday. The moot is: Ultra Fast Broadband will render telcos irrelevant to end users. Details here. A second debate will follow in Auckland on Thursday. Details here.

See you there.


Inventing gadgets is due to necessity, but what inspires creativity? Heaps of weird things. Like those random words you have to type in when you want to leave a comment on a website, so that it doesn’t get spammed with offers of cheap loans, sunglasses, study guides and other stuff.

A whole bunch of little art works (such as the following below) drawn from ‘Captchas’ has been collected by Jacob Gaboury on a post CAPTCHArt.

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