Telecomms Amendment Bill enshrines 'regulatory holiday'

10-year break from regulation for suppliers to UFB and RBI confirmed in Bill

The proposed 10-year “regulatory holiday” for participants in the Ultra-fast broadband (UFB) project, first noted by Computerworld in July, is enshrined in the Telecommunications (TSO, Broadband and Other Matters) Amendment Bill, which was introduced on November 23 and is set for its first reading in Parliament this week.

Part two of the Bill creates a new part 4AA of the Telecommunications Act, to establish a regulatory framework for networks built as part of the UFB and Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) projects.

A key part of the new regime would be restricting the Telecommunications Commissioner from recommending regulation of access to the service provider’s FTTP access infrastructure until the end of 2019.

Service providers would, however, have to disclose information regarding network and service costs, and characteristics, to the Commerce Commission.

As well as setting the framework for regulating the networks built as part of the UFB and RBI initiatives, the Bill covers streamlined administration of the TSO (Telecommunications Service Obligation) and contains amendments to enable the structural separation of Telecom if Telecom is chosen as a preferred supplier under the UFB initiative.

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