App review: Unstuck for iOS

If you have a problem, Unstuck might help solve it

If you have a problem, whether it’s a big work project that’s bogged down, a personal dilemma that you’re not sure how to tackle, or just a moment of procrastination, Unstuck can help solve it.

Unstuck walks you through the experience of being stuck in a five-step process, from feelings and emotions, to effects, thoughts and actions.

Take the emotions step, for example: you’re offered a set of cards to choose from. You might pick that you are ‘tired’ or ‘hazy’, and Unstuck offers a descriptive sentence and a sliding scale, so that you can rank how tired or hazy you are. Or you could reject it and choose something more appropriate.

Likewise for the thoughts section. To help figure out your thoughts Unstuck has a stack of twenty or so cards, which you sort into “so me” and “not me” categories.

Even the freeform text-entry that you fill in to explain why you’re stuck offers inspiration in the form of a few examples that other people have written.

When you’re done, Unstuck categorises your stuck moment. After describing my exercise as 'procrastination', the app labelled me an “Idle Achiever”. Apparently, 23 percent of the Unstuck community is also having an Idle Achiever moment right now. If you think the diagnosis is inaccurate, there’s a chance to try for an alternate one.

If you’re happy that you’ve been summarised accurately, Unstuck has some advice and a gallery of tools from which it will offer one for your situation. It told me that to get unstuck, I would have to commit, and that the next step for me was to “explain away procrastination”. My selected tool was the app equivalent of a five-year-old that asks a lot of questions, and I spotted a couple of things that might be holding me back. If I had no success though, I could tell the app I had no solution and try another tool, or start over.

Unstuck saves your past stuck moments, so you can see what’s worked for you in the past, and you can always just go straight to the gallery from the menu if you’re impatient.

Unstuck is great if you like outside input when you’re puzzling over something, and it tackles things in a very pretty, engaging package.

3.5 Stars


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