31 'How To' resources you might have missed

Between Network World and its sister publications we've produced a dizzying number of 'How To' articles this year. Here's a handy roundup of some of the most useful, featuring pieces on everything from Android smartphones to Windows 7 to full disk encryption.

Between Network World and its sister publications we’ve produced a dizzying number of “How To” articles this year. Here’s a handy roundup of some of the most useful, featuring pieces on everything from Android smartphones to Windows 7 to full disk encryption.

Smartphones, tablets and wireless

How to Protect Your Smartphone's Valuable Data

With today’s smartphones holding so much data, don’t let a lost smartphone be the end of your world.

How to Prepare the iPad for Enterprise Usage

Andrew Rubin, CEO of Cymtec Systems, chats with Keith Shaw about ways IT can get ready for and also benefit from the iPad.

How to best manage enterprise mobility

Managing enterprise mobility means more than keeping track of who uses an iPhone and who uses a BlackBerry. For a group of companies, best practices are cutting costs, extending mobile access to data for more employees, and decreasing lost or stolen mobile devices.

How can wireless and wired security be brought together, rationalized and managed?

Like many things in IT, this security convergence is a work in progress. But as wireless LANs become the primary connectivity for more enterprise users, integrating wired and wireless becomes more pressing, especially around security.

How to fix your iPhone

Wet iPhone? Cracked screen? Here's what you can do.

How can enterprise WLANs manage the bandwidth crush from mobile devices and multimedia apps?

Some existing wireless LANs, based on 802.11abg gear, already "are buckling under video applications," says Andrew Borg, senior research analyst for wireless and mobility at Aberdeen Group, a technology research and consulting firm based in Boston. And the surge in sophisticated mobile devices is making it worse.

How can employee-owned mobile devices be secured and managed on corporate networks?

With the rise of personal mobile devices, a growing number of enterprises have scrapped the homogeneity mandate: instead of requiring employees to use a standard smartphone, more IT departments are now looking at some degree of control over employee-owned (or "employee-liable") devices, to manage and secure them.

How are big Wi-Fi networks affecting radio management?

One emerging issue for some enterprise Wi-Fi networks is radio management challenges as the number of access points and wireless clients grow.

How to Take Screenshots on an Android Phone

Capturing a screen image on an Android Phone isn’t quite as easy as you might be used to doing on your Windows PC or Macintosh. Here are the steps you need to take.


Get your PC ready for Windows 7

7 points to consider before upgrading to Microsoft’s Windows 7.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Facebook

Facebook provides a fun way for people of all ages to communicate with their friends online but kids and teens can be susceptible to risks as well. Here’s a guide for parents to help kids protect their identities, avoid sketchy strangers and dodge possible malware.

How to consolidate IT management tools

Years of acquiring specialized IT management tools have left some enterprises with too many tools and too much overlap. It might be time to clean house.

In the process, companies can shed tools that perpetuate the tendency to monitor specific technology silos, opting instead for tools that encourage a shift to broader IT service management.

How to get 150,000 Twitter followers

Neil Ayres, Creative Review's Twitter expert, shares how his publication hit this mark.


How to roll out full disk encryption on your PCs and laptops

Hardly a week goes by when some organization or another doesn't lose some laptops and face a litany of IT security questions. One that always comes up: Were the systems' disks fully encrypted? Sometimes the answer is "Yes", but plenty of organizations have yet to make the leap to full disk encryption.

We asked Michael Kamens, information security officer at WGBH Educational Foundation in Brighton, Mass., to lay out the basics of what desktop and laptop encryption entails since he's been spearheading an encryption project involving hundreds of computers at his organization.

How to keep employees from stealing intellectual property

Your data is your business. And if you're not vigilant about your employees' access to that data, you're going to end up out of business. That's the advice of Patricia Titus, current CISO of Unisys and former CISO of the Transportation Security Administration.

How to secure a new PC

PC Adviser UK looks at some of the most important security issues when setting up a new PC or laptop, and what you can do to ensure a safe computing experience.

How to squelch the security threat of digital copiers

The FTC has issued a list of tips for businesses on securing sensitive data stored on the hard drives of digital copiers. Here’s the list and some background.

How to use logs for forensics after a data breach

Despite the best precautions, it is impossible to protect your network against every attack. When the inevitable happens, your log data can be critical for identifying the cause of the breach and collecting evidence for use in the legal system. That is, if your logs were properly configured before the breach happened.

How to effectively contract your network privacy

How can a business protect against inadvertent disclosure of proprietary information and the possibility of loss of data and service due to an overeager sheriff? Having the right contract is certainly a good start.


How to prepare for cloud computing

A podcast interview with a former Amazon EC2 exec now with a cloud startup called Nimbula.

How to improve WAN performance

The performance of applications across the WAN are beset by a range of problems – latency, congestion, chatty applications, contention with other apps, low bandwidth – that can be addressed in a variety of ways. Here are some tips from Gartner analyst Joe Skorupa on how to analyze the problems and speed up application performance over the WAN.

How to Set Up a Virtual Private Network

If your company doesn’t have a VPN but you want to secure your network connection while on the go, here’s how to set up your own VPN without breaking the bank.


How to recruit and hire Millennial tech employees

Dice.com CEO’s thoughts on how to make the most of younger workers.

How to protect your company during a relocation

Here is a collection of tips for ensuring the security of your next corporate move.

How to Leave Work Early

With the right tools and services at your disposal, you can stop staying late and start leaving the office on time--maybe even early.

How to use outsourcing to boost your IT career

IT professionals savvy in sourcing and vendor management skills could impress employers when they save company cash and resources by selectively sending work to external staff.


How to Make New Stuff From Your Piles of Obsolete Tech

A new book shows you how to make usable items from old PCs, cell phones, scanners, printers, and other dead tech gear.

How to do cool stuff with Gmail and Google Calendar

Google's Gmail and Calendar are widely used online tools, but that doesn't mean they are used well. We've collected the best advice and tips from IDG for taking advantage of these popular services and making the most of your experience.

How to Upgrade Your Laptop's Hard Drive to an SSD

It isn’t as easy as just popping it into your PC. Follow PC World’s tips for choosing the right model and cloning your old drive for a smooth upgrade.

How to Print Labels

Want to print out your own address labels for holiday cards? Here’s how, via some relatively unpublicized Word features.

How to build a budget PC How to Build a Budget PC [video]

Watch this video and get your $500 ready.

Read more about infrastructure management in Network World's Infrastructure Management section.

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