Inland Revenue abandons testing service panel

Inland Revenue issues request for proposal for single provider for testing services in Wellington

Inland Revenue is seeking a sole provider for testing services in Wellington, which will eventually lead to the abandonment of the current testing services panel model.

It has issued a request for proposal for a single supplier to work closely with IR to provide advice regarding strategic planning in testing services, as well as providing testing resources and training, and mentoring of IR testing resources.

IR says that although there will be a subsequent resourcing strategy to support its business transformation programme of work, there is a need to continue to run core business in the meantime.

“This RFP supports IR’s on-going business-as-usual requirement,” IR says. “In the future, the resulting contract from this RFP may be terminated if the resourcing strategy eventually endorsed includes the testing services to support business transformation, or the two agreements may run concurrently.”

IR’s testing team currently augments its permanent staff with external resources from a panel of suppliers with testing expertise. IR describes this as very much a “body shopping” model.

It says that one of the principle objectives will be, ideally, the provisioning of a test management tool to supplement the current Hewlett-Packard Quality Centre to gain further efficiencies within the development and execution phase of testing, and to support the different types of testing.

The RFP says Inland Revenue needs between 64 and 72 testing resources per annum across a number of skill sets. Of the total resources, 38 are permanent staff.

The current testing services panel will be closed once the new provider has been selected.

The RFP allows for joint proposals.

Testing sources spoken to by Computerworld suggest there are only one or two New Zealand companies big enough to qualify as a single provider.

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