Datacom deliver govt ID project

Professional qualifications credited with meeting short deadline

Datacom is using its completion of the Identity Verification Service (IVS) project development to push professional qualifications in project management.

IVS, run by the Department of Internal Affairs, is part of the all-of-government authentication programme. It will allow people dealing with government agencies online to identify themselves securely with a single identity credential to several agencies and avoid having to provide one agency with copies of documents about them which another agency already holds.

Leading the project for Datacom were Bill Moses, solution project manager, and Linda Smith, infrastructure project manager. Both have a Project Management Professional (PMP) qualification from the Project Management Institute (PMI), an international body that defines good practice standards in project management.

The original IVS development timetable was shortened by two months and there was an unexpected shortage of resources from suppliers and customers, Moses says.

Despite this, the project was kept on track and came in under budget. He says this was achieved by careful management of resources “and also through agile and effective decision-making, which ensured the project team didn't go off on any tangents.”

Smith and Moses say their professional qualifications helped Datacom secure the tender and subsequently helped the project to its successful conclusion. “We had to make sure we didn't waste money by burning time,” says Smith. “So many things that people think are inconsequential are really very important - like managing the scope and requirements throughout the project, rather than setting and forgetting. Our project management expertise also helped us understand how adding and removing items to or from the scope impacted the cost.”

DIA has advised today that IVS was initially rolled out with Births, Deaths and Marriages in December 2009. Datacom had additional work following the initial rollout, which has now been completed.

DIA declined to be specific about the timetable for a further rollout, but indicated “a market update” may be released this week.

An extension of the scheme beyond government to authenticating citizens in their dealings with private companies such as banks has been mooted.

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