Proposals invited for digital historic Northland trail

NZ Historic Places Trust plans to commission a digital 'tourism trail' for Northland

The NZ Historic Places Trust plans to commission a digital “tourism trail” for Northland. This may include location-sensitive apps for portable devices to deliver sound and illustrative material telling the stories associated with historical landmarks in the region.

This follows the launch at the beginning of this year of the Waikato War trail, which covers the history of the 1863-64 war through educational material, apps and maps relating to landmarks from Auckland to the Waikato.

Objectives of the new project include “to make the stories of pre-Treaty Northland accessible to a larger number and wider range of people than is currently the case” and “to provide a broader understanding of the background to the Treaty by conveying the historical context against which it was developed, and the events that led the parties to sign it.”

NZHPT has left options open for the prospective supplier to suggest ways of delivering the information, but mentions “CD, iPad and/or smart phone applications, web site download [or] possible supporting booklet/brochure,” as appropriate media.

The word “trail” should not be taken as implying a linear structure to the digital resources, NZHPT says.

It envisages the package as being of interest primarily to residents in the area and domestic tourists but also potentially to overseas visitors.

Deadline for expressions of interest in the project is Friday, April 26. They should include “an outline of the proposer’s vision for the project, and how it is envisaged this would be delivered,” as well as indicative costings and background information on the provider and their experience with similar projects.

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