Review: SaneBox

SaneBox ensures that only important emails grab your attention

Taming your inbox can be a constant chore. I try for inbox zero ( but then every email that drops into my mailbox grabs my attention. Which is fine if it’s important — if only!

SaneBox ensures that only important emails grab your attention. It neatly triages your mail, scanning the header information of your emails - not the message body — and comparing it across your existing email. Always read email from Jim at work? It’ll pop into your inbox.

The stuff you can look at later is automatically moved into a folder that SaneBox creates for you, called SaneLater. There’s much more to it - such as saving attachments to a Dropbox folder to save space, a delayed-inbox function, and an instant smart unsubscribe — as well as a SaneBox Teams version. It handles Exchange and most webmail, and there’s nothing to install.

To get started, grab a free two week trial by signing up at You don’t need to supply credit card details. This gives you the SaneLater folder, but without the other goodies: you grant access to your mailbox, and it adds the SaneLater folder and gets to work.

I found it really useful — I must have saved hours dealing with my email — and over the two week trial I only had to train four emails that I felt were wrongly categorised — such as a ‘daily deal’ email I always want immediately.

Despite a positive experience I opted not to go for the full version, mainly due to price. The basic account, which costs $39 for one year or $6 a month, handles one email address, five attachments a month and 5 reminders and it seemed a little too expensive for me.

But after a week without SaneBox, I’m close to changing my mind — I’ll just have to try a few alternatives before I decide.

4 Stars

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