UPDATE: Joyce sticks with Novopay

Minister responsible for Novopay Steven Joyce says teachers pay roll system will remain with Talent 2 for the time being

Update 1PM:

Steven Joyce says he’s sticking with Talent2

The Minister Responsible for Novopay Steven Joyce says Talent2 will continue to administer the school payroll – but that the system remains under review.

“The only other realistic option at this point was to switch back to the old Datacom system and then upgrade again later to a new Datacom system. That would mean substantial additional work and two further changes for school administrators. We would do that if required, but it is not a step to be taken lightly,” says Joyce in media statement. “You can’t just switch a complex $4.4 billion a year payroll that pays around 90,000 people every fortnight without creating more issues – no matter which system you are using. “A go or no-go decision had to be made at this point because the current Datacom backup proposal is time-sensitive, and has now reached the point where it will have to be re-worked for them to be able to assist." Datacom provided the government with an alternative payroll proposal, which can be viewed here.

Original story

Government will make a decision “in the next week or so” whether to continue with the still buggy Novopay system developed by Talent2 for teachers’ payroll or adopt a new solution, says Simon Beattie, press secretary to Steven Joyce, the minister appointed to oversee the fixing of the system.

An alternative solution would most likely mean returning to an updated version of the system supplied by Datacom that formerly ran the complex teachers’ payroll.

Figures analysed by consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers for the latest pay period, Period 2 of the new financial year, paid on the morning of April 17, paid 88,188 people a total of $171.80 million.

The PwC report showed 39 staff were notified as not paid, 142 were overpaid, and 210 underpaid. Affected staff were from 264 schools or 10.8 per cent of schools in the payroll system.

This compares with Pay Period 1, when nine staff were notified as not paid, 1647 were overpaid, and 206 underpaid. Affected staff were from 386 schools or 15.7 per cent of schools in the system.

Joyce called the April result “encouraging” and “one of the better performances we have seen since PwC began tracking complaints for each Novopay pay period in February.”

Bugs continue to be cleared, however another 172 bug reports were lodged between February 21 and April 23 and there is still no complete picture of how many new problems have been caused as a side effect of fixes.

“A full reconciliation of bugs between the live operating environment, the development environment and the testing environment, is currently being conducted to provide an updated definitive list of bugs affecting actual payroll production,” Joyce says.

“These numbers will be released shortly along with an updated schedule for resolution during the remainder of the reconciliation period.”

As at April 30, these figures have not yet been finalised, Beattie says.

Datacom was approached for comment.

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