App review: AudioNote

Siobhan Keogh looks at a handy app for taking notes during meetings

AudioNote is an app that’s great for anyone who has to take notes during meetings. The premise is simple — you set AudioNote to record your conversation, then take notes by typing them in as you go along. Each notation you make will have a timestamp on it, so you know exactly which point in your recording to go to if you want to hear what was said.

AudioNote’s interface is simple — you have a bar on the left-hand side that shows you all your previous recordings, and has a ‘plus’ button for you to create a new recording. At the bottom, there’s a button to edit or remove recordings and the notes that go with them. On the right hand side you’ll see what looks like a notepad, but with a record button at the top.

The only complication with AudioNote is that for some reason you have to switch between ‘record’ and ‘playback’ mode. It seems like it would have been simple enough to just have a player on top of the document at all times that incorporates both the record and play functions, but instead there are two versions of the document. It’s not hard to figure out, but it adds an unnecessary layer of difficulty.

You’ll also have to make sure not to switch between apps while AudioNote is recording if you’re using the Android version — doing so may erase your recording and all its associated notes.

If you prefer writing by hand to typing notes, there’s a variety of tools you can access by hitting a button that looks like a pencil. However, we’d recommend only using this feature if you’ve got a stylus, as writing quickly with your finger is difficult.

AudioNote does what it says on the box, figuratively speaking. Recordings are relatively clear, despite being recorded with a mobile device that’s essentially on speaker phone, and if your notes are comprehensive enough you can fill any gaps. Of course, the idea is that your notes don’t have to be so comprehensive — you can let your device do the hard yards for you.

3 and a half stars

Platforms: iOS and Android

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