YahooXtra spam filters disrupt email delivery

Missing emails dog business users after Xtra's shift to Yahoo

Computerworld NZ reports that vital business emails are going astray, intercepted and quarantined by YahooXtra’s spam filters without the knowledge of the sender or the receiver. Wellington-based Graphic Dimensions, which provides IT support and services to architectural design companies, has had problems sending email to addresses since the beginning of February.

Email from the company, which is also an Xtra customer, is classified by the YahooXtra mail filter as spam, says Graphic Dimensions’ technical director, Paul O’Brien.

This is causing problems for Graphic Dimensions because important messages from its clients, primarily architects, to contractors are going AWOL, O’Brien says.

“If an Xtra user uses a POP client [for example Microsoft Outlook] the messages are not downloaded, appearing to the user that the email has never been sent,” he says.

Xtra users will only be able to see the messages if they log on to their webmail at YahooXtra Bubble — but the messages will then be in the spam folder, he says. Read the full story on

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