Xtra brand dies a quiet death

The Xtra brand is gradually being dumped from all Telecom marketing material. While the email side of the Xtra brand has been swallowed by Yahoo, as YahooXtra, the company’s broadband services have now been progressively renamed Telecom Broadband.

“It’s not called Xtra any more, it’s called Telecom Broadband,” a Telecom retail shop staffer told Computerworld.

“But it is the same service,” he said.

Recent advertising for Telecom’s broadband does not use the Xtra brand name, and Xtra is not included on a list of Telecom’s business units on the company’s website.

When typing in www.xtra.co.nz, visitors are redirected to nz.yahoo.com, and clicking on “Get Broadband” will take visitors to www.telecom.co.nz/broadband.

But, according to Telecom, there is no drastic re-branding going on.

“There is really no new news here, as for over nine months we have been referring to our internet connectivity services — broadband, dial-up [and] mobile broadband — under the Telecom brand,” says Broadband Telecom spokeswoman Connie Sprague.

It makes sense for all the services customers can get from Telecom — home phone, mobile services and broadband or dial-up — to be branded consistently, she says.

Xtra will remain part of Telecom’s offering “as a product name we use for value added and online services” such as the content and applications provided on the YahooXtra portal. Customers’ email addresses will stay as xtra.co.nz while Telecom’s Xtra Wireless service will be passed to Orcon this month.

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