SmartPay offers VoIP services

SmartPay, an integrated merchant services provider and electronic product distribution company, today announced that it has expanded its range of services to include VoIP (voice over IP) and telephony services, via the purchase of a telco grade switch and associated infrastructure.

The new services aim to reduce merchants' telecommunication costs, says SmartPay's chief executive, Linc Burgess.

"In the current environment where everyone is tightening their belts, SmartPay’s VoIP and broadband services will return significant savings and benefits to merchants who are looking to decrease their operational costs," he says.

SmartPay can deliver low-cost PABX with full telephony services, lower-cost phone calls, call waiting, voicemail and the ability to call within groups for free, he says.

The company also provides a broadband service, so that merchants can add other services such as IP-POS (Secure EFTPOS connectively via broadband), Wi-Fi and advertising via point of decision marketing, he says.

The services are designed for small to large retailers and corporations looking to reduce overhead costs, says Burgess.

As part of the SmartPay marketing programme, all its recent acquisitions and services will be bundled together under the Smart-Site brand and offered to merchants as either independent products or bundles of products and services.

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