TeaLeaf gets real

FRAMINGHAM (10/06/2003) - TeaLeaf Technology Inc. Monday updated its flagship Web application management software with a version the company says can measure application performance by capturing and analyzing data from real user sessions, rather than from simulated sessions.

RealiTea (formerly called IntegriTea) software watches Web application traffic, captures session data and identifies potential problem areas to prevent application failure. RealiTea includes Capture, Server, Portal and Viewer components. The platform uses software and probe appliances to capture traffic data.

TeaLeaf's system uses an appliance at the network edge that records what all real users are doing and seeing in real time, without application changes or instrumentation, and it can also intake application, component and system-level logs and combine this data with real user sessions for deeper problem analysis. The server software monitors the user sessions to generate alerts based on specified events, correlates any combination of captured data and provides detailed reporting. A viewer component replays user sessions, enabling IT groups to reproduce problems. Using the viewer, IT managers can see what the user saw, TeaLeaf says.

Also available with this release are add-ons to RealiTea such as an analytics application, a user interface dashboard and a scripting tool. Real Analytics allows IT managers to combine the end user data and application performance metrics with customer data collected by, say, CRM or other software tools on the network.

The dashboard provides a real-time view of Web application health from the end-user perspective, TeaLeaf says. The software can be customized on user preferences and prioritized based on critical services or business processes affected and/or delivered by Web applications. The scripting tool, Real Scripts, help IT managers automatically generate test scripts that include application paths and dynamic data from user sessions.

Pricing is based on the number of Web server CPUs and the number of internal users of the software. An average enterprise implementation would cost about US$150,000.

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