No mandate for all-of-government tender

The government cannot compel any public-sector agencies to acquire computer equipment through new all-of-government procurement contracts, says the Ministry of Economic Development.

Agencies have been told, however, there are “clear expectations” that they will take part and they will be asked to give reasons for not doing so, says MED spokeswoman Emilia Mazur.

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$30 billion reform kicks off with huge PC tender

A tender for the first computer hardware contract with the new all-of-government Centre of Expertise for IT equipment was issued last week. It seeks to appoint preferred suppliers for desktop, laptop and tablet computers and “basic” associated value-added services such as asset tagging and writing a standard image to a computer.

More sophisticated services such as creation of the images and computer installation are out of the scope for the new procurement scheme.

Some reports have said government departments would be required to move to the new contract arrangements before July 2012. However, the strongest term used in the tender and associated documents is “expected”.

Read more at Computerworld.

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