Keynote pack manages streaming media

FRAMINGHAM (10/16/2003) - Keynote Systems Inc. last week rolled out a streaming media performance management service that lets customers check the performance of any streaming offering, whether it's live or on-demand, from 14 points around the globe - nine in the U.S. and five abroad.

Streaming Perspectives 3.0 is essentially a rebranded release of technology from Streamcheck - a company Keynote acquired in July - with an expanded footprint and that replaces the monitoring system Keynote had in place before the acquisition, says Shai Berger, general manager of streaming at Keynote and former president of Streamcheck.

One change that customers will notice is the way they access the Web-based management and reporting interface. Previously, Keynote provided access to both its streaming and Web performance tools through one interface. Now Streaming Perspectives will have its own interface geared toward streaming.

"[The previous version] suffered a bit because it was not streaming-centric in attempt to mold everything into one interface," Berger says. "Now we're designed for streaming and streaming only."

By using the service, customers can see how well their streaming offerings are performing.

Keynote tests a target site or file throughout the day to gather statistics such as initial connect time, buffer time and whether any rebuffering occurs. Data from all the test sites is aggregated and presented in numerous ways through the Web interface or can be downloaded using Extensible Markup Language and integrated into a content-management system.

The pricing for Streaming Perspectives 3.0 also has changed. Previously, a flat rate fee covered any uniform resource locator (URL) that needed to be monitored. Now a basic monitoring package that requires users to provide Keynote with the URLs to be monitored starts at US$250 per month.

Customers who want to enter their own URLs, and start and stop tests, can sign up for the Diagnostic Services, which starts at $650 per URL monitored up to 75K bit/sec. Any stream that exceeds 75K bit/sec is assessed a surcharge.

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