This computer in a briefcase gives new meaning to the term 'casemod'

Who needs a typical computer case when you can just cram it all into a suitcase instead? (Don't answer that.)

Have you ever people-watched in a busy area and wondered what might be lurking in the people's briefcases? For most, it's probably just their basic items plus a few work documents, rather than something top secret or sinister. Still, it might be a surprise that one person carries a multi-OS computer in their case.

Reddit user Yoshiwars built a computer that fits within the confines of a typical suitcase, mouse and all. That computer can run Windows and Mac OS X, as well as Ubuntu within a virtual machine.

Open up the case (and pull out the mouse and keyboard!), and on one panel you have a 15-inch computer display. However, the best part is the other half, where the parts to run the thing sit. The machine has 16GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5 2500k processor, a single-slot graphics card, and a power supply taken from a normal computer case, among other things.

Yoshiwars built The Briefcase Computer simply because its cheaper than buying a new laptop--and is much faster than a laptop, too. The downside? It is quite heavy to carry about, and doesn't have much going for it aesthetically.

Now, would it be too much of a stretch to try and add some speakers?

You can see photos of the build in one of Yoshiwars's galleries.

[Cyberpunk via Boing Boing]

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