InternetNZ's departing CEO looking for next career opportunity

Search for new chief executive has begun

Departing InternetNZ CEO Vikram Kumar, who is resigning from his position at InternetNZ at the end of this month, says he has not been offered another job; he is leaving simply because he considers it the right time to move on and broaden his perspective.

"After three years, I simply thought it was best both for myself and InternetNZ," he says. "It's never easy to know when it's the right time to move; I just had a sense of having accomplished what I set out to do."

He says he wants to look wider than a pure focus on the policy side of the internet for his next career step -- "something involved with using the internet, with innovation or social enterprise."

The move was not an unexpected one for InternetNZ, according to Kumar. He says InternetNZ has been aware for some time that he was thinking of moving on and he had discussed it with the organisation before formally giving his notice.

"Vikram has been responsible for making InternetNZ the go-to organisation for authoritative information about the internet in New Zealand," says president Frank March on behalf of the InternetNZ Council.

"In addition to increasing the visibility and reach of the organisation through initiatives such as NetHui, he has built a strong team which will serve the organisation well in the future. He has also cemented excellent relationships with government and NGOs [non-governmental organisations], as well as contributing to partnerships that have enabled a wide range of public good initiatives, such as NetSafe, the 2020 Communications Trust, and the rebuilding of Christchurch's IT infrastructure. All of this was done while InternetNZ membership has doubled in the last three years."

"Vikram has put great effort into increasing collaboration and engagement with wider civil society to ensure that the internet remains open and uncaptureable and remains a resource that is available to and benefits all New Zealanders," says March. He set up the NetHui initiative, holding open conferences to discuss and influence the shape and direction of the internet. Well over a thousand people have attended NetHui, and learned from and contributed to the conversation."

Kumar's resignation is effective from January 31. March says InternetNZ is searching for a new CEO immediately.

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