CipherCloud widens cloud-based encryption options

CipherCloud this week broadened its encryption gateway support to include support for Microsoft's SharePoint, as well as the services Yammer and SAP's SuccessFactors.

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Until now CipherCloud's Connect AnyApp gateway was limited to encryption of data meant to be held in specific software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, including, Office 365 and Gmail.

According to Kevin Bocek, vice president of marketing, Connect AnyApp now lets customers establish an encryption gateway that will secure data to be stored on any Web-based application and run on VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V or Xen virtualized servers. By directing data traffic intended for the cloud or any Web-based application, customers have a way to store data using standard AES encryption. It works without the need for software agents on the targeted host system, and administrators simply specify fields on web pages to be encrypted. He notes the technology developed by CipherCloud also allows for the ability to search and sort this encrypted data.

CipherCloud says it has about 40 customers, and some of the uses coming into play for Connect AnyApp include operation of a SaaS call-center application, encryption of data held in an electronic healthcare system, and financial data held in SharePoint that's available to business partners. While CipherCloud was reluctant to discuss pricing, it acknowledged that its method of encrypting data would typically account for 20% of the cost of a SaaS application.

Ellen Messmer is senior editor at Network World, an IDG publication and website, where she covers news and technology trends related to information security. Twitter: MessmerE. E-mail:

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