Tupac performs 'live' years after his death

You may have thought you had an interesting weekend, until you learn that you just happened to have missed Tupac's live performance. Rapper, Tupac Amaru Shakur, commonly known as 2pac and who by 2007 had sold 75 million albums, was on stage performing some of his rap songs at the Coachella festival. One thing though, September 13, 2012, will mark 6 years since Tupac's death, which occurred seven days after a drive by shooting in Las Vegas.

So how then, was a dead Tupac on stage? The life like appearance of Tupac was done through a hologram, which reconstructs light reflection that had earlier been recorded off an object. The light reflection is replayed giving the appearance of an object being present to a viewer.

Tupac's performance at Indio, California, was so life like, with the rapper shouting "What's up Coachella " before her performed "Hail Mary", one of his hit songs. He then performed "2 of Amerikaz most wanted" alongside rapper Calvin Broadus, popularly known as Snoop Doggy Dogg, who is undoubtedly still alive.

It is not the first time that Tupac is active posthumously, having released eight previously unreleased albums after his death.

The performance has raised mixed reactions, with some people loving the performance, while others felt quite disturbed by the whole experience, with comments such as "They should let Tupac rest in peace."

Here is a YouTube video of the performance. What's your reaction? What other surprises may Tupac pull from the afterlife? Fancy meeting Tupac on the streets in the future, or Michael Jackson finally performing his rehearsed but never performed This is it tour.

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