Anonymous 'planning attack' on Home Office website

Protest over extradition cases of three individuals including NASA hacker Gary McKinnon

UK hackers linked to the Anonymous group are encouraging supporters to attack the Home Office website this Saturday (7 April) in protest at the extradition of three UK citizens to the US.

The planned attack, given the Twitter moniker of #OpTrialAtHome is being encouraged by the @AnonOpUK hacktivist group, which has publicised the attack on its Twitter page.

The group says its action is in protest against the extradition of UFO hacker Gary McKinnon, businessman Christopher Tappin and Richard O'Dwyer to the US. O'Dwyer controlled a website that carried links to TV programmes and films that allegedly broke US copyright law.

Supporters have been encouraged to launch denial-of-service attacks on the Home Office's IP address, which Anonymous has revealed. Those not savvy enough to launch automated attacks on the site could contribute to the effect by simply visiting the site in large numbers.

"#OpTrialAtHome has been initiated, we are inviting every #Anon to join us in our fight against #Extradition and the #EAW [European Arrest Warrant]," said the group on it's Twitter account.

McKinnon and O'Dwyer are still fighting extradition, and Tappin is already in the US awaiting trial for allegedly dealing in banned weapons materials to Iran.

The hacking group are demanding that any alleged wrongdoing by the three men should be heard and tried in a UK court. The three face more severe sentencing if found guilty of any alleged crimes in the US.

The fact that the group has publicised the attack in advance presents a sticky problem for the government. If the site crashes over a usually slow Easter weekend despite the warning, the government will find it hard to argue that it is equipped to defend future and more serious cyber attacks.

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