Virtela extends WAN optimization service to resources in public clouds

Virtela has upgraded its WAN acceleration service to support customer data centers located in public clouds, so businesses that outsource their resources to service providers can outsource their WAN acceleration, too.

BACKGROUND: Virtela offers cloud-based WAN optimization

The goal of Cloud Accelerator service is to speed up transaction times between customers' branch offices and resources entrusted to the cloud. Virtela does this by accelerating traffic across its network all the way to the virtual servers customers have set up inside cloud providers' networks, the company says.

The service comes with a money-back guarantee. Virtela guarantees speeds will be five to 25 times faster, and if the service doesn't measure up to the service-level agreement speed - or if the customer just isn't satisfied - the provider will refund 250% of the service charge.

Virtela Cloud Accelerator service is a follow-on to the company's WAN Acceleration service launched last summer. That service optimizes traffic as it crosses Virtela's network from point of presence to point of presence. The POPs - Virtela calls them local cloud centers - are located with an eye toward being close to the bulk of customers so the local loop between customer sites and the nearest POP doesn't introduce significant performance hits.

The new cloud service extends the acceleration beyond the POP onto virtual servers within the cloud infrastructure that customers hire from cloud providers. This is done by Virtela installing virtual instances of acceleration software on a virtual machine within the cloud.

Installing the software doesn't require cooperation of the cloud provider. The company supports any virtual environment and any public cloud provider's network, Virtela says.

The service will be available by the end of March. Virtela says it is still working on how it will charge for the service.

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