IBM beefs up modeling tools

SAN FRANCISCO (09/29/2003) - IBM Corp. on Monday delivered improvements to its WebSphere Business Integration portfolio designed to help corporate users better carry out business process modeling and monitoring capabilities.

With the improvements to the company's WebSphere Business Integration Monitor and WebSphere Business Integration Modeler, users reportedly can gain more visibility into a range of events and across an enterprise, allowing them to more quickly react to changes in the market, company officials said.

"We think these improvements can help managers make more proactive decisions and incorporate business processes and IT resource changes to help with reducing costs as well as meet regulatory requirements," said Paraic Sweeney, vice president of marketing for IBM's WebSphere Business Integration series.

Some of the improvements made in versions 4.2.4 of both Integration Modeler and Integration Monitor include closer integration with the WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker, formerly called WebSphere MQ Integrator Broker, that now allow users to model and monitor a number of flow activities within the Message Broker product, company officials explained.

Another enhancement is closer integration with IBM's Rational set of tools, allowing programmers to create a model and then export it to either Rational Rose or Rational XDE. This capability allows users to take higher-level business process modeling tools and stitch them into application design and core development tools.

IBM officials said companies that typically do business across industries will benefit from the new tools. For instance, manufacturing firms can monitor its supply chain and to be notified if a given business condition will adversely affect a specific model of car from being delivered on time. Manufacturers can then take actions to avoid that problem.

In concert with the two WebSphere Business integration announcements, IBM also on Monday announced WebSphere Business Integration Workbench Entry Edition, a low-end tool that equips programmers with basic modeling and simulation capabilities.

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