Tech industry loses 115,000 jobs

The U.S. high-tech industry shed some 115,000 jobs between January and June 2009, marking a 2% net job loss as the country's economy overall experienced more than 5% job loss.

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Data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and analyzed by high-tech industry non-profit TechAmerica Foundation shows that despite an uptick in jobs in June, the high-tech industry overall employs fewer people than in 2008. The industry as of June 2009 employed some 5.81 million workers, a decline of 224,100 jobs (3.7%) since June 2008, TechAmerica reports.

"The tech industry has suffered the full force of the global economic recession in the first half of this year, yet we believe it has weathered the storm better than most," said TechAmerica Foundation President Christopher Hansen, in a statement. "Given that technology is an important economic driver, long-term investments and globally competitive tax policies are critical for encouraging technology companies to form and flourish in the U.S and add new American jobs." (Find out where the IT jobs are today.)

Technology service providers lost 45,500 network jobs, engineering and tech services shed 21,500 jobs, communications services cut 13,600 jobs and software services lost 10,400 jobs from January to June 2009. Technology manufacturers cut some 69,500, according to TechAmerica Foundation, which compiled the report based on BLS data.

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