Survey shows archiving challenges users

Up to half the users of archiving systems are struggling to implement the technology, according to an emerging survey.

IBRS researcher Kevin McIsaac says some tools are very difficult to configure and implement and some vendors are overstating the ease with which archiving can be achieved.

The survey is on-going but of the 50 respondents so far, half are still trying to implement their solution or have cancelled the project.

With a looming deadline for compliance with the Public Records Act in 2010, it is an issue of particular concern to government organizations.

Respondents were half and half government and corporates. Half had more than 1000 desktops, and 10% more than 15,000 desktops. McIsaac says New Zealand was represented in the "normal proportions" of an Australasian survey.

"The most unexpected result was that most had tried implementing something other than the mainstream products such as EMC, Symantec and Comvault," he says.

"That says that the market is still very fragmented."

All the EMC sites reported on had "enormous difficulty" in implementing.

McIsaac says the immediate conclusion from the survey is that email archiving is tricky.

"If you are a smallish organization, it is relatively easy to implement. However, as you get larger, email implementations can become a real challenge."

He says many of the perceived benefits in email archiving are driven by the need to keep infrastructure under control.

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