Gates bids adieu to developers

The last two paragraph of the story posted to the wire Tuesday," Gates bids adieu to developers," misidentified a student controlling a robot onstage during Bill Gates' TechEd keynote. The last two paragraphs have been corrected on the wire and now read:

He also reiterated his vision for mini, tablet PCs that allow people to "write" and use other nature interfaces such as speech-recognition technology. Another futuristic technology Gates has promoted at Microsoft is robotics, and he made this interest part of the final discussion of his comments Tuesday. He welcomed onto the stage Patrick Deegan, a graduate student from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the "Ballmer-bot," a robot made to imitate and act like Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO and Gates' long-time business partner, who is not attending TechEd.

"Developers, developers, developers, developers," the robot, developed using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio product, repeated over and over, in an homage to Ballmer's famous rant. The robot also raised his arm, showing how he has the ability to "throw eggs," according to the student controlling his movements.

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