SHARE's top 5 ways to survive a disaster

In today's information-heavy world, a disaster wiping out a business's data can be fatal for a company. But with the right preparation, a business can survive natural disasters, power outages or even terrorist attacks.

Citing research that says two in five companies that suffer information-loss disasters fail within five years, the IBM user group SHARE is placing a focus on disaster recovery at a weeklong user event in San Diego next month and has developed a list of five tips to ensure business continuity. Here it is:

1. Create a "multiple footprint" for data recovery: "Establish and maintain more than one data-recovery site, thus ensuring geographic dispersal of your data assets," the user group states. "This can lessen worries about failures within regional power and communication grids and other threats, such as local flooding or sewerage back-ups."

2. Practice predictive monitoring: "Know in advance whether transactions are at risk of not occurring in timely fashion. Take pre-emptive action to correct faults and prevent potentially adverse outcomes."

3. Employ autonomic computing: "In the event of a calamity, self-diagnosing and self-healing systems and applications may be the only way to guarantee that the business will continue to operate."

4. Provide remote access for staff, through PCs and mobile devices: "With data up and running thanks to a multiple footprint for data recovery, staff members can access information in remote locations to ensure business continuity."

5. Deliver IT support 24 hours a day: "This will satisfy staff needs and help keep customers satisfied following a disaster."

SHARE's user event from Aug. 12 to 17 in San Diego will offer extensive information to businesses looking to improve disaster-recovery plans. You can register at this site until Aug. 3.

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