Comztek introduces new MGE UPS range

Comztek SA has introduced the Pulsar Extreme C range from MGE UPS Systems, which, it says, consists of two high-performance rack-mountable models.

Kobie Coetzee, MGE product manager at Comztek, says the introduction of the range provides a solution to companies that demand a reliable power supply that fits into the smallest rack space.

"The Pulsar Extreme 2200C and 3200C models are supplied with a complete rack-installation kit, which other manufacturers offer as options with price tags that can reach up to 10 percent of the UPS cost. The two new high-power models provide customers with the maximum performance and electrical reliability in an all-in-one package," she says.

"With networking devices continuously shrinking in size, an increasing amount of equipment can be packed into the same cabinet. This can be supplemented by the UPS, which ensures more secure power than can be relied on to protect critical applications or high availability networks," Coetzee adds.

The Pulsar Extreme C offers simple redundancy for higher reliability at lower cost, he says. When this UPS is combined with a Pulsar STS, the result is said to be significantly more reliable than complex modular UPS configurations that create multiple single points of failure.

MGE offers individually controlled power outlets, the PowerShare function, which aims to maximize flexibility by letting users increase backup time for critical loads; to save time and money with remote reboots; and to avoid overloads due to the simultaneous starting of different devices.

Comztek, in coordination with MGE Midrand, says that it provides a full technical backup service and product support on the entire MGE UPS range.

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