Video surveillance search system gets management boost

A company that makes a searchable surveillance system has developed a tool for banks that integrates video surveillance with case and transaction management systems, and allows banks to share faces, profiles and watch lists among branches.

3VR Security makes a bundled-hardware-and-software appliance that builds metadata describing surveillance footage to make it easier to detect fraud.

"When you walk into a bank, a conventional recorder just records that data in a raw data form," says Tim Ross, executive vice president of sales and marketing. "What we're doing is saying 'there's motion happening on camera one. It's motion that's sized and shaped like a person, it's moving in this direction.' It becomes part of the metadata built around the video."

If a crook fraudulently uses someone else's account, having this type of searchable surveillance system can make it easier to find video of the criminal, Ross says.

"I can go 'show me all the transactions on account 1234.' It pulls back a series of event cards which are key [video] frames with data. I say 'OK, here's one person who clearly doesn't match [the account holder], this looks like my fraudster,' and sure enough it's the reported transaction," he says.

A new version coming out this week integrates the video management, search and face biometrics with banking case management and transaction systems.

3VR this week is also announcing that it is providing an API to connect its searchable surveillance systems to any analytic, camera, application or data source.

Ross says 3VR is also providing camera virtualization, the ability to divide a camera feed into different regions and treat each section as if it were an individual stream that can be tagged with metadata.

3VR's customers include Bank of Hawaii, which is already using the version being released this week.

"3VR, helps us effectively monitor for known criminals and individuals on watch lists to prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring," said Brian Ishikawa, director of security at Bank of Hawaii, in a press release. "Additionally, we can now share watch lists across branches to defend against fraud threats across all the entire system. The video search capability allows rapid investigations of incidents. 3VR is the foundation to our overall security strategy."

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