Siemens: Energy saving contracts equal lower costs

Siemens AG says that, in order to help the company's customers to cope with the cost of rising energy prices, it has introduced Performance Contracting, a special service that aims to cut power and heating costs.

The company notes that in Berlin, public swimming pools are saving about Euro 1.63 million (US$199 million) per year, thanks to Performance Contracting, modernization measures that are also claimed to be highly suitable for industrial facilities, hospitals, schools and office buildings. Siemens says that it is estimated that energy expenditures could be cut by up to Euro 60bn per year if this state-of-the-art technology was immediately introduced across the country.

A Performance Contracting project, says the company, calls for specialists from Siemens Building Technologies (SBT) to work together with the customer to check the energy efficiency of all lighting units, electrical devices, machines, heating systems, and water and ventilation systems. If the experts agree that the potential savings both justify the investment, and can pay for it, Siemens notes, they sign an energy-saving contract that runs for several years. It also notes that Siemens will be paying the difference if savings targets are not achieved, and the partners will split any savings exceeding the contract's target. The customer keeps all savings after the contract period has expired, the company adds.

According to Siemens, pharmaceutical company, Schering, has cut energy costs in four buildings in Berlin by 23 percent, and German Rail (DB) has cut energy costs at Dresden's central station by 40 percent. In addition, the Wola Hospital in Warsaw recouped its investment within six months.

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