Sync-and-go Web application support

Sybase Inc.'s Mobile division says it has unveiled a new version of iAnywhere's M-Business Anywhere mobile application platform, featuring broader device support, new usage tracking capabilities and support for global deployments. The new version, it says, adds tablet, laptop and PC support.

Caroline Scofield, mobile product manager at Sybase SA claims: "M-Business Anywhere is the only solution in the industry that enables developers to create mobile Web applications for deployment on such a wide range of devices." She continues: "For example, existing Web applications designed for delivery to PDAs can now be seamlessly deployed to tablets."

According to her this upgrade provides companies with unprecedented device flexibility while keeping development costs very low, since they can leverage their existing Web development expertise.

"M-Business Anywhere combines iAnywhere's database, synchronization and Web application capabilities to simplify deployment to multiple form factors. By supporting tablets, laptops and PCs in addition to PDAs, iAnywhere has made M-Business Anywhere an even stronger enterprise platform," says Warren Wilson, practice director, mobile and wireless business solutions at Summit Strategies.

M-Business Anywhere, says the company, is the core technology of the AvantGo mobile Internet service. The platform, according to the company, enables organizations to extend Web content and applications, including CRM, ERP, and other enterprise solutions, to mobile devices rapidly and with low TCO. It says M-Business Anywhere supports both wireless and offline "sync-and-go" connectivity, ensuring always-available access to Web-based information from any location.

-Anywhere says the new usage tracking facility provides companies with essential information for optimizing application performance and adoption, including: reports built directly into the application user interface -- providing ICT with information such as synchronization times and frequency; detailed tracking data notes whether synchronization are conducted via wireless network or PC cradle -- enabling companies to optimize the amount and type of information delivered; and user identification such as device manufacturer, model and serial number helps companies with accurate asset management.

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