TallyGenicom distributor appointed

TallyCom, local TallyGenicom LP representative, has appointed Big 5 Distribution, formerly Geniprint, as a TallyGenicom distributor.

The move follows the merger of Tally and Genicom late last year to form a new printing company, TallyGenicom, which aims to guarantee local customers continued supply of both brands' printing technology, and an even more reliable support infrastructure in future.

"Both Tally and Genicom printers are workhorses used in environments where reliability and performance are non-negotiable," says David Terry, GM of TallyCom. "Our customers rely on their printers, and on our ability to appoint distributors and service partners of the highest calibre."

Says Sylvester Motaln, chairman of Big 5 Distribution: "The creation of TallyGenicom resulted in the combination of two excellent printer manufacturers and the development of an unbeatable product roadmap for the future. We are therefore happy to be part of the family of the newly-merged company."

Big 5 will be able to provide after-sales, warranty and out-of-warranty service to Tally, Genicom and future TallyGenicom printers, he adds. It also sells original consumables for both brands.

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