Schneider National Inc.

Schneider National Inc.

Green Bay, Wis.

Number of Employees: 20877

Number of IT Employees: 366

IT Employee Promotions in 2003: 5 percent

IT Employee Turnover in 2003: 8 percent

Percentage of women IT managers: 19 percent

Percentage of minority IT managers: 0 percent

Percentage of women IT staff: 34 percent

Percentage of minority IT staff: 11 percent

Training days offered per IT employee in 2003: 5

Training budget per IT employee in 2003*: US$1000

What's special?

Founded in 1935, this truckload and intermodal services company operates some 14,000 trucks and more than 40,000 trailers. IT workers are offered third-party vendor training via the Internet on a variety of technical applications, unlimited access to technical books online and classroom and seminar technical training classes at local colleges and IBM affiliates. In a recent company-sponsored survey, 97 percent of IT workers said they were proud to work for Schneider. Benefits include a free service that gives counseling and provides information kits on a variety of special needs including child care, elder care, parenting, college alternatives for children and transition to retirement living. Employees in the military receive full pay and benefits for up to six months while they are on military leave.

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