Hong Kong firm offers US$6 a month VoIP

Hong Kong Broadband is offering its VoIP service for a flat US$6 monthly fee, including a local Hong Kong phone number.

A Hong Kong company is offering users all the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls they want to telephone numbers in Hong Kong for US$6 a month, as long as they use its software, 2b Broadband Phone. But it only works with Hong Kong phone numbers, which the service gives them so they can receive incoming calls wherever in the world they connect to the Internet.

Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd. provides the software and phone number that enables users to make and receive calls on their notebook computer or PC with 2b Broadband Phone service, the company said Tuesday.

Users can take incoming calls from any Hong Kong fixed line telephone, mobile phone, office phone or other 2b Broadband Phone user via their assigned Hong Kong number, all for the $6 monthly fee, the company said.

Services offered with 2b Broadband Phone include voice and video calls, as long as the user has a Web cam, as well as call waiting, conference calls, call diverting, voice mail, instant messaging and other standard VoIP products, according to the company's Web site.

The company is offering users a 3-month free trial of the service, and anyone registering and using the service for more than 10 calls will be entered into a drawing for round trip air tickets between Hong Kong and several major cities, including New York, London and Toronto.

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