Security by the numbers

Cybercrime and worries about online safety continue to grow. Here's information on trends, product use, and losses relating to online security issues.

31 percent of businesses rate spyware as a major threat for the next year. [Deloitte Global Security Survey, 2005]

27 percent of small or medium-size businesses do not use an anti-spyware product. [Forrester Research, 2005]

33 percent of scanned enterprise PCs were infected with adware. [Webroot State of Spyware, 2Q 2005]

80 percent of scanned consumer PCs were infected with spyware. [Webroot State of Spyware, 2Q 2005]

65 percent of businesses plan to invest in new or additional anti-spyware tools. [Forrester Research, 2005]

73 percent of consumers said personal data theft is a deterrent to online banking. [Ipsos Insight, 2005]

80 percent of surveyed firms use anti-spyware tools. [Forrester Research, 2005]

50 percent of scanned consumer PCs had adware present. [Webroot State of Spyware, 2Q 2005]

$300 is the cost of a do-it-yourself phishing kit. [2005 McAfee Criminology Report]

13 percent of Net users say they have an identity theft victim in the household. [Conference Board Research Center, 2005]

41 percent of Net users say they're buying less online due to security threats. [Conference Board Research Center, 2005]

30 percent of businesses saw unauthorized access to their data. [CSI/FBI 2005 Security Report]

US$30.9 million was lost by 639 businesses due to theft of proprietary data. [CSI/FBI 2005 Security Report]

$400 billion was the overall cost of cybercrime in 2004. [2005 McAfee Criminology Report]

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