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At some point or another, I am sure you have all heard about M-Web's Web Accelerator. In a nutshell it makes your browsing experience that much faster, almost as if you are using two 56K lines to connect to the Internet instead of one. However, reality and perception are two different things, and all that the M-Web Accelerator is, is an application running locally that caches common data sent from your machine to the ISP and vice versa.

Expand Networks Inc. South Africa has recently launched a similar solution for the business user, a little more complex, but much the same.

"Accelerator Server from Expand Networks also caches most of the data put through a wide area network (WAN) locally, thus, when sending data packets through the network, only bits and pieces are sent, the bulk of the packet sits locally on your machine, or on a server on your LAN," says Alan Moore, technical director of Expand Networks SA. "In essence this frees up your WAN bandwidth, because only unique bits of the packet are sent down the pipe, other parts of the packet, such as headers, are acquired locally," he adds.

"Because only unique data is sent through the WAN, the WAN's use is minimized, and, in some cases, the use of a WAN can be halved, thus doubling its speed," Moore says.

"Clients need bandwidth and they need it now," says Ismail Bagus, marketing and sales director of Expand Networks SA. "Now customers have an alternative to Telkom. They no longer have to go the time-consuming route of applying for a second line and then having their lives disrupted when Telkom comes to install it. Ours is an easy to implement, no mess, no fuss solution, that will enable clients to immediately see an improvement in their international connectivity," says Bagus.

"Telkom, one of our competitors, has even sold our solution to one of its clients," says Bagus. "The client was already running a 64KB line, which was maxed out 24/7, and so needed an additional one. Upon closer inspection, however, Telkom realized there were no more free lines to supply the client with, and thought it more feasible to implement Expand Networks' Accelerator Server than to lay more cables," he says.

"At the moment we have over fifty clients in SA, ranging from Vodacom to Sun International, and our solution is being used by big guys, such as the US military and Oceanic Bank," comments Bagus.

"Server Accelerator is available through both Tier one and Tier two distributors," says Ismail.

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