TECH ED - Empirix boosts .Net Web apps testing

Empirix Inc. on Monday at the TechEd conference in San Diego is launching e-Test suite 7.0, which focuses on testing of Web applications from the .Net platform.

The e-Test suite 7.0 product is designed to provide functional testing as well as regression and performance testing.

"Inside e-Test suite 7.0, we have features designed to automate the most common features of .Net Web applications," said Dan Koloski, director of the Web application test group at Empirix.

With version 7.0, the product allows quality assurance organizations to adapt to .Net technologies such as ASP.Net, XML Web Services and Web-deployed Windows Forms. The suite can help migration to .Net. Additionally, the product has been integrated with the Visual Studio .Net tool, and enables automated functional testing of both .Net and J2EE Web applications.

"We have built in the ability to automatically record, test and validate the performance of .Net Web applications," Koloski said.

Adaptive Visual Scripting in e-Test suite provides for script maintenance, incorporating "Intelligent Object Identification" to control the sensitivity of test scripts and enable them to adapt to non-critical application changes. Modular Scripting support provides for central updating and reuse of scripts.

The suite features a redesigned user interface intended to simplify common tasks during testing. Also, the e-Manager Enterprise 3.0 module in the suite features a Report Manager user interface and new management-level dashboard reports.

Empirix's e-Test suite 7.0 will be generally available in June, with introductory pricing of approximately US$20,000.

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