Cornastone introduces new application router

Cornastone Technology Holdings (Pty) Ltd. recently announced that it has partnered with U.S.-based Cast Iron Systems Inc., to deliver what is claimed to be a solution to high-cost application integration in southern Africa.

Lufuno Nevhatalu, executive chairman at Cornastone, says the cost of integrating enterprise applications can often boost the initial purchase price of the software by more than 200 percent.

"Integration is a time-consuming process, requiring significant skill levels which are not always readily available. It requires custom code -- resulting in expenses for coding, testing, documentation, and maintenance; or it takes software-based solutions that incur large amounts of overhead for installation, hardware procurement, training and even more maintenance," says Nevhatalu.

"The Cast Iron Application Router eliminates all this. It is a special purpose hardware device that effectively reduces application integration to a plug-and-play exercise," he adds.

Cast Iron CEO, Fred Meyer, says Cast Iron was formed to address the vast majority of business integration problems that can be solved on the network. "These call for simple business processes such as order routing or data record synchronization, which can be linked together to form more complex processes," says Meyer

"Cast Iron developed the Application Router with simplicity in mind, and, because it has been designed specifically to solve the most common integration problems, the Cast Iron Application Router is 50 to 90% less expensive to buy and maintain than solutions developed using alternative approaches," he says.

"Currently, we are rolling out the solution world-wide, and partnering with Cornastone enables us to bring the appliance to SA," concludes Meyer.

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