ATTO virtual tape array sports new features

The latest version of ATTO Technology Inc.'s fault-tolerant Diamond Virtual Tape (VT) Storage Array is said to include support for additional tape drive and media types, including DLT, SDLT and LTO.

The ATTO Diamond VT array is an Enterprise-class disk-based storage array that emulates a tape library for faster and more reliable backups and restores of critical data, the company says.

The Diamond VT aims to provide a solution to shrinking backup windows, and the need to accelerate data restore at a price that makes sense, ATTO adds.

"In addition to superb backup and restore performance, the Diamond VT also provides improved data reliability, availability and integrity capability -- all while maintaining existing backup processes and procedures," says Mike Smith, CEO of local distributor, Dexchange Storage Solutions.

The Diamond VT is designed to support emulation of libraries, with up to sixty slots as well as bar code/slot management features, enabling compatibility with many other tape libraries, he adds.

Incremental performance improvements have also been made with the application of ATTO's proprietary SpeedWrite technology, the company concludes.

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